Monday, 3 January 2011

Essie Mini Fall Cube

Hey guys!
I just recently went shopping and visited Douglas and I saw something I had to get: the Essie Mini Fall Cube! I know, fall's over by a long time now, but it was still available, so I had to get it :)
Even though these are fall colors, I think they're also nice for this winter time now.
I'll show you swatches and describe the colors:

Limited Addiction:

 A gorgeous red creme, almost like a jelly, but very opaque. The color is a mix between a cherry red and a bit of bloody red. It needs two coats to get opaque which is perfect in my opinion :) The color is so gorgeous, not too unique, but still not your everyday bright red.

Sew Psyched:
it's way too pale on this picture, the swatch shows the color better.
A green color with a grey hint in it, very unique in my opinion, and it has a slight shimmer that is not always visible. The shimmer is not silver and not gold either, I think it's more of a green grey shimmer, like the actual polish. It's something you don't really find often, especially not at the drugstore. The color is not a color that everyone would like, it's very special, so look at it first :)

Little Brow Dress:

A very dark brown color that is almost black. It's not too warm, definitely not like a chocolate color, but it could be dark chocolate, like ones with 70% cocoa ;) You can tell I'm a fan of chocolate ;) But it also reminds me of coffee. The color is really pretty, I like it, it's different than just a basic black. It's a creme with a very glossy finish.

Merino Cool:
it's a little too pale on this picture, the swatch shows it better.
here the color's true.
A grey color that has a purple tint to it. It's described as a mulberry color very often, I'm not sure if I would agree, because to me it looks not purple enough. It's a creme and a very cool color, too. I can mainly tell the grey color, and if the lighting was bad, you could easily overlook the purple hint. It's not too unique, but also not a very common color.

The cube, containing four mini polishes that hold 5 ml each, costs 12.95 Euros at Douglas. I think the colors are really nice, and even though they're meant to be fall colors, I'll give them a try in winter. It's perfect when you don't want to buy the whole bottle and try out more than one color. The price for these mini polishes is as high as it would be for one normal sized one (15 ml). 

The quality is the good old Essie one, pretty nice. All polishes are opaque with two coats and don't show tipwear until the 2nd day of wearing them. At least that's how it's on me.

Plus: I started a little poll on the sidebar. Would be great if you could take the time and fill it in :)

Do you own any of these colors? Do you like them? Or wouldn't you wear them now because they're fall colors? Tell me!
Bye everyone!
xoxo, Misch

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