Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Spotted: Manhattan Nude Couture Limited Edition

Hi there,
yersterday I found the new Manhattan Limited Edition, called Nude Couture, at my drugstore.
This LE contains the Perfect Adapt Make-up Foundation, the Soft Mat Loose Powder (though this one wasn't there at my drugstore), the No End Intense Black Mascara and the Creamy Nude Lipstick in two colors. You can find it here on Pinkmelon.de. Only the lipsticks will be available for a limited time, the rest of this LE will move to the permanent line in October.
My personal highlight of this collection are definitely the lipsticks. They have a cute Zebra-print design, are really opaque, matte and glossy. It's not really easy to find good, pretty, matte nude lipsticks at the drugstore, most of the time they're either matte or nude.
I really think that this LE is a nice idea, the foundation seemed pretty nice and it's a great to be able to buy some nude things.
So, if you like the lipsticks, definitely get one while they're still available! I can really recommend them! I haven't bought one, but I might get one of these lipsticks. My only problem is that I have naturally pretty dark lips so it's always a bit difficult to wear nude or light lipstick without looking weird. Do you have any ideas for me? Maybe something I could wear underneath so it doesn't get greasy? Please help me :)

So, what do you think of this collection? Have you already seen in at the drugstore?
Until then, bye, Misch

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