Sunday, 19 September 2010

Preview: new Essence products in the permanent line! My Thoughts

Hi there,
so here's part two about the new Essence permanent line I introduced you to yesterday. Here's the post.
These things sound or look pretty interesting to me:

- I really like the new packaging of the lipsticks, although I don't really know a color I wanna get. Maybe I'll find a nice one, but I'm not going to buy it because of the packaging, I already own enough stuff.
- The multicolor blush in 10 how cute is that? has a so pretty color and such a cute name! Love it, hope it's as pretty in real life!
- I hope that the nail art stampy polish will be great, because it's pretty hard to find good nail polishes to stamp with. But I would have loved some colors, not just black and white.
- The nail stickers in 05 sweet romance are so so cute, and since I love bows, I'll get them!
- Another promising product are the nail art express dry drops. We all know OPI drip dry (or don't you know that?) and I hope these will do a great job!
- The color&go nail polish in 38 choose me looks so pretty! I hope it'll be pretty in real life as well!
- The 2in1 coverstick pen from the pure skin line looks really nice, I hope there'll be the right color for me!
- I really think this is worth taking a look at: the sun club 100 percent splash-proof eyeliner pen. You know how much I love the regular eyeliner pen, so I think this one could be great as well!
- The sun club eyeshadow quattro in 05 long island breeze looks so pretty! I love the colors!
- Last but not least: the studio nails nail fashion sticker seem to be like minx, which is such a great idea and I'll definitely try these out! I just hope there'll be a color for me...

These are the products I'm most excited about! I'm not going to buy everything at once, I mean, it's the pemanent line, these product will be available for a longer time!
But I'm pretty sure there'll be a haul and you'll be the first ones to know about it! :)
I'll see you guys soon! Bye, Misch

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