Sunday, 4 December 2011

Spotted: Essence Circus Circus LE

Hey there!
My drugstore got Essence's new Circus Circus LE for the holiday season, so I can now show it to you! There are a lot of gold colors in it, and is therefore a great xmas collection.
It contains 4 double ended nail polishes, 2 lip lacquers, 2 liquid liners, 3 cream eyeshadows, 1 lip topper, 1 perfume, 2 different nail fashion stickers, 1 pocket spray perfume, 1 beauty bag and 1 highlighter powder. Here *click* you have an overviewof the products.
The double ended nail polishes have one creme polish side and one glitter side. The colors are black-gold, gold-black, red-red and pink-pink. My drugstore didn't get the one with the gold base and the black glitter, and I was looking forward to that one most. But I've already heard from other bloggers that they didn't get that polish, so maybe it's not being produced?! Dunno. But I still had to get a polish, so I bought the black one with the gold glitter, called 01 My Sparkling Acrobat. The black is super pigmented, it just needs one coat! And the glitter is small round particles and big square ones, which is so cool! I love it! My only complaint is that it's double ended which makes application and storage a bit more difficult.
The 2 lip lacquers are a bright pink with metallic shimmer and a matte red. They looked great, but I decided I didn't have to have them.
The liquid liners are glittery and fun, but I told myself I wouldn't use them that often, so I left them at the store.
Next, the 3 cream eyeshadows. They're gold, taupe-brown and charcoal, and all shimmery, and they're like the permanent line cream eyeshadows from Essence. I bought the gold one, 01 It's Magic, and it's super creamy and opaque, I like it a lot!
The lip topper is like glitter, and since I don't use that, it wasn't as interesting to me.
The perfume was already sold out at my store, so it could have been a good one, but I don't know.
The nail fashion stickers are also nothing I use, I do my nail art freehanded. A pass for these.
Next, the pocket spray perfume was also not there anymore, so I have no idea what it is like.
The beauty bag was fun, but I don't need one right now.
And last but definitely not least, the highlighting powder. It's so so pretty with the design, and I love the warm color with the shimmer. It's called 01 It's Magic and it's nice, really soft, and not too pigmented that you don't look crazy immediately. I love it, and I'm so glad I bought it!
What do you think of this LE? I really like it, it's perfect for the festive season and the products are great! Good job Essence!
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I have spotted it a couple of days ago too but I am actually a bit disappointed : too much gold in my taste, and a lack of real "new" things, I mean, everything is already seen everywhere at Christmas time isn't it ? The only thing I find interesting is the polishes line (only three here too, and there isn't a fourth polishes location in the display that's why I am pretty sure the gold-black will not appear :( ). These polishes are really fun but a bit too glittery for my everyday use... I don't think I would actually wear them so I have let them to someone else ;)

  2. @mimi: here you can see how different people think of these LEs! For me it's a great one and for you not. But there are other ones coming up that you'll like, too, I'm sure :)

  3. Wow! I want the cream eyeshadow and probably the highlighter too! I have to search for it here!

  4. @Salander: hope you'll be able to get it :)


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