Monday, 12 December 2011

Polish Finish Series: Sheer

Hey guys!
I noticed I haven't done a Polish Finish Series post in forever, so here is finally a new one! We'll be talking about Sheers in this episode, yay! :D Excitement! :D
A sheer is, like the name already says, a polish that doesn't cover and that applies sheer :D Making sense, right?! Sheers are often just giving the nails a very light tint and for example a milky look. They can contain shimmer or not, that doesn't matter. Very often they are in light colors, like pink, beige or cream, and they're used for french manicures as the base color. They are definitely not meant to cover the nails in color, therefore they are also just in light natural colors. Sheers are really work and school appropriate, and they look classy and chic, as long as you have neat nails ;)
They don't get opaque, some don't even build up or anything, that's what they're meant for.
I personally don't have a lot of sheers because I just prefer opaque colors, but I'm sure a lot of girls like these :)
One sheer I own is from Catrice, from their Urban Baroque LE. It's called Pearls&Chains, and it's a cream color with just a small amount of shimmer. It doesn't build up, but it gives the nails a milky tint.
The other one is from an old brand called Colors For You, and it's a almost clear base with blue shimmer and it is also a sheer. Really pretty, still :)
What do you think of sheers? Do you wear them?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I prefer another finishes but I have some for french mani :-)

  2. does the blue one have a name? it's pretty and what i'm currently lookung for.


    1. It is called Colours For You - 205. I'm afraid, however, that this one isn't available anymore! It was of some cheap drugstore brand that I'm sure they don't even produce anymore..sorry!


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