Friday, 16 December 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Make-Up

Hi there!
My first episode of this Holiday Gift Guide is already up here *click*, and now the second one follows, which is about make-up!
Who to give make-up as a present?
A girl, of course. Sure, there is guy make-up, but I'm not sure if every guy wants that, and I'll be covering gifts for guys in another episode :) Now, what girl? The girly girl. Somebody who wears make-up often, somebody who wants to try it out (maybe for the first time as a teenager?), somebody you know who likes this kind of stuff.
What to keep in mind when giving make-up as a present?
Like I said, make sure it's something that works with the type of girl. If she isn't very girly, and she never wears make-up, you might not want to get her some. Then, when you're sure the girl wants to get some make-up, make it work for her especially. Don't buy something random, get her colors that work for her type and skin tone. It's not that great to get gold and bronze when you're a very cold type, and vice versa. Think of colors she always wears and stuff like that. And if you're just a tad of a make-up addict, you should have an idea of what colors could work :)
When she's already a make-up addict, make sure it's nothing she already has in her collection! ;)
What type of product to give?
I'd say that make-up stuff is better than skin care or so, because with skin care you'll never know if it'll work for her skin. Color wise, you can either get her something natural, similar to what she often wears, or you get something special that's out of her comfort zone, like a bright lipstick. That depends on the person!
Nail polishes are a good present if you want to get her some colors. Is she interested in nail art or stuff like that? Then get her some basic tools for that. Is she a blush fan? Get her one! And if she's not a make-up addict: rather stay safe and get something typical make-up, like an eyeshadow or a lipstick. A person who isn't too familiar with the topic might not know a highlighter, a gel eyeliner or a lip pencil.
For a starter, a nice little kit of key brushes could also be nice.
I think that what would be great as a make-up present is something special you don't get for yourself. It's something you want, but you're not gonna buy it yourself, because you talk yourself out of it. Receiving a present like that, one you've dreamed about, is great.
Where to get it?
Of course, if you don't want to spend too much money, the drugstore. You can of course make it simple and just get Essence or so, but if you want it to be a tad more special, try to find a brand that isn't available in your  town. That can still be drugstore, like p2 if you don't have a dm near you, and so on.
Then, if you are okay with spending some more money, department store stuff. When you get something at the department store, I'd rather go for key pieces because they're something great to invest in and she'll appreciate it, because she'll be able to use it all the time.
What will always work?
Body care sets, like the ones from TheBodyShop or Lush. These are stores where you'll always find something fun and cute, and body care is always a welcome present.
Other than that, maybe a gift card. It's not that creative, but she can at least go and pick whatever she wants. If you get a gift card for someone, it should be for a store with more brands, so she can choose. I'd say Douglas or something.
I think perfumes also fall into the make-up category, so I'll be talking about them, too. When giving away a perfume, make sure the scent is what she likes. Don't get her a musky perfume if she normally always wears a light peach scent! Maybe she has a dream perfume she never got herself, so you can get it for her. But in general, I find perfumes a little difficult, because it's hard to pick the one she'll really love.

Make-up is a great gift, because you can for example add like a lipstick or something to a bigger present, or you make your own little kit. You take a little beauty bag and fill it with the cosmetics you think your friend will enjoy. It's super sweet like that!
Will you be giving make-up away? I will :D
See ya!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I love make up gifts! And it is something that almost always works. I have many friends using no make up at all, how is it possible? haha!

  2. @Salander: haha, true! I also never understand that :D


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