Sunday, 18 December 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Guys

Hey there!
Sorry for the short blogging break, I didn't have access to the Internet for a short time. But now I'm back, just in time to write another episode of my gift guide, this time for boys. So, let's start right away!
What to give a guy in general?
I personally find it hard to pick a gift for a guy, because with guys it's not like they all like something. For a girl, you can always give away make-up or jewelry or something. That's not so easy with boys. So there's no general thing! But I'd say, a book or something like that can definitely work. *click* here to read my gift guide on books!
What type of present for what type of guy?
To be honest, I don't put boys into categories, like "the fun guy", "the adventurous guy", "the serious guy", I don't think that always works. So rather look at what the guy likes to do, what he enjoys, because that's easier, especially when it's a closer friend. Just think of his preferences, and try to find something he'll like :D That's quite hard to do, I know!
Gift ideas?
I just have a few ideas, so I'm gonna make a list and tell you who I would give what.

  • perfume - this is good for a lot guys, especially the ones who like to take care of themselves. Maybe have a look at what he wears often, so you can choose something similar. And when you're a girl picking something for your boyfriend, why not get him a scent you like? :D Also works for shower gel!
  • guy jewelry - this works for a lot of guys if you pick something that works with their style. I know, jewelry sounds girly and stuff, but I'm not talking pearls and diamonds here :D Maybe a cool leather bracelet, or something woven, a surfer's not that bad, right?! :)
  • DVDs + books - most guys like to watch movies, so a good movie on DVD is a good choice. Get him something classic, or scary, or thrilling. I'd not go for romantic or stuff ;) And a good book is also never wrong, also something thrilling or so. Book Gift Guide: *click*
  • pictures - especially for a boyfriend or the best friend, pictures are a cute gift. Whether you put one special in a frame you design yourself or you make a full personalized album with a lot of fun ones, doesn't matter. It's sweet, and also connects both of you, because with this present you have some memories to give away :)
  • games - there are a lot of boys who like to play computer games and stuff. Maybe he has a Wii, or a Playstation, XBox 360, no matter what, there are great games for every type. Adventure games, car races, everything what a guy can like. Make sure you get him something he doesn't own already!
  • gift cards - when you just can't think of something, or you don't know the guy well enough, a gift card is a great choice, because that way he also doesn't get something he can't use at all. Gift cards for iTunes, book stores, DVD & CD stores or clothes stores and so on will always work.
  • electronis - if you want to spend more money, stuff like a iPod or something is definitely cool, but it is on the more expensive side.
  • NOT: I'm a make-up girl, but I wouldn't give make-up away as a present for a guy. Unless it's a special type of guy, even special guy make-up isn't so cool for them, because they won't really use it. I have enough friends to know that they think it's gay (nothing against that! That's just what a friend of mine said!) or they're too cool to use it. I guess you can spend your money better :D

These are the kind of things I would do as presents for boys. What are you giving away to your boyfriend/husband/best buddy? I'd like to know!
The last episode of my gift guide will follow tomorrow, it'll be a tad more random. There might also be a few ideas for gifts for guys in that post.
xoxo, Misch


  1. Clothes sometimes work well as presents.
    I don't have a boyfriend, but I can tell you I seldom know what to give my Dad.

  2. @marox: that's a great idea!
    For me it's the same, haha :D

  3. Guys are more difficult for me to find something that works. They love electronic, that's for sure, if not I always try a perfume :-)


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