Thursday, 15 December 2011

NOTD December 15th: Candy Cane Nail Art

Hey guys,
yes, another nail art piece :D I just want to show you some inspirations and maybe get you to do one of the designs, too ;)
This one is a really really easy one, very suitable for beginners or people who don't think they can do nail art! Trust me, you can do it!
It's a very simple version of candy canes, yay! Holiday spirit, and very fun :)
All you gotta do is start with a plain bright red color. I'm using China Glaze Hey Sailor. In the next step, you want to create the white lines. Just use a white polish and a thin brush for this, or a tip painter. I used Essence's white tip painter. I didn't do the lines very regular, I did some thinner and some thicker, and I also alternated the spaces between them, because I thought that was more fun :)
And I had to finish it off with some glitter, that makes it way cooler :D Glitter rules! I just an old Essence one for that.
Here *click* you can see a video on this design by cutepolish.
What do you think? It's so easy and fun! Let me know if you try it!
xoxo, Misch


  1. How cute! That ChG is really nice, perfect shade for a candy cane! I like the whole thing a lot!

  2. Glitter rules!!! haha! I love that sentence and the mani is very nice and funny for Christmas :-)


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