Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Books

Hi guys!
Yesterday *click* I announced that I'll be starting to do a Holiday Gift Guide, and here is the first part of it. I decided to start with books because that's something that works most of the time.
Who to give a book as a present?
Of course, the bookworm among your friends, because for him/her, books are always great. Also, a book is a great present for a person you don't know too much, because when you give them a book you really like, they will also get an idea of what person you are. Books are good for boys and for girls, and there's a certain topic for everyone.
What to keep in mind when giving a book as a present? 
When you're giving it to a bookworm, make sure they don't own it yet. That could be reached by stepping out of their comfort zone in terms of topics, or getting something really new or really old. If it's a close friend, you can of course have a look at their book shelf the next time you're at their place, and look what they already have.
When it's more of a stranger, get something a little more safe. It could be best not to go all out and get a very special, hard-to-get-used-to book. Keep it kinda "normal".
Get them the right genre! There's nothing worse than receiving a love story when you just read horror books, and vice versa. Just ask them about their fav books, that should give you an idea :)
I would rather get paperback books to give away, because they're less expensive. Sure, a hard cover one can be way prettier, but don't you rather get 2 paperbacks for the same price as one hard cover?! :D
What book to give the romantic girl?
The romantic, Twilight-loving girl is our first example. She likes it romantic, and maybe also not to serious. A good idea to give her is the first book of the Shiver trilogy, I reviewed it here *click*. It's similar to Twilight, and she'll enjoy it for sure. Another idea, when she likes it to be a tad more serious, get her a Nicholas Sparks book. They're romantic, there are a lot of them available, and she'll love them.
What book to give to a more thriller kind of fan?
I highly recommend Dan Brown books, I did one review here *click*, because they're super thrilling and interesting. But it is more for somebody who doesn't mind thinking while reading, because it's not the easiest stuff ever. Other than that, I just recommend going to or anything and just click through the lists of bestselling thrillers.
What books to give to younger people/teenagers?
I'd say something like The Host by Stephenie Meyer (*click*) or The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (*click*), books like these are perfect for like teenagers. But that doesn't mean they're bad for adults ;) Just keep in mind that these are popular books, and they might have them already.
What book to give to somebody who likes only some special books?
For freaks, that are in love with something special, like a series, there are also options to get. Think me, the Harry Potter fan. I love Harry Potter, and luckily, there are some special Harry Potter books available. The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Quidditch Through The Ages or Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them are just examples of what other Harry Potter books are available. I have all three of them, and they're just awesome for a fan :) Special books like these are available for a lot of famous series.
What book will always work?
There are a few that can't be that wrong if they just work a bit for the person's taste, and these include classics, like Breakfast At Tiffany's or something. If the person is a huge fan of somebody, get them a biography of that person. Cute little pleasure reads are always welcome, just comedy books or something really different but sweet, like 14000 Things To Be Happy About. There are endless opportunities!
And you can of course always give away a DVD to the book :)

I hope this little book gift guide helped you out! It's super fun to think about what to get for which friend, and things like books are always great presents :) And they look nice when wrapped! :D
Will you be giving books away?
Next episode will cover make-up, yay :D
I'll talk to you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Good guide! I am in the thriller category :-)
    I agree with you, a book is something that always works.
    I can´t wait to read the make up one!

  2. @Salander: thanks :) I thought so :D
    it'll be up soon, I'm looking forward to writing it :)


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