Monday, 19 December 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Part 4: Personalized Stuff

Welcome to the last episode of my Christmas Gift Guide! It's just in time so you can do some last minute Christmas shopping! This one is rather random, just a few cute things :)
I'm gonna start right away with the ideas I have, just a list and some thoughts about it :)
  • Do It Yourself - selfmade presents are always great because they show you put some effort into the present. It can be a lot of things, I especially like selfmade Snow Globes! I saw this little tutorial *click*, and thought that this was so cute :)
  • mugs - this partly can fall into the Do It Yourself category, because you can get a white mug and then paint it with something! Or you just buy a really sweet one at the store, depends on you :D And mugs can be filled with candy or stuff like that! What I like about mugs as presents is that when they use it regularly, like in the morning for their coffee, they'll think of you :)
  • jewelry - I already mentioned guy jewelry in this episode *click*, but there's of course also jewelry for women :) You can spend some money on either really expensive stuff, like real silver or gold, or you get accessoires, more like fashion jewelry if you know what I mean. Another option: make a necklace yourself with some fun colored beeds! 
  • decoration - especially for girls who like their home to be stylish and cute, get them some decorative stuff :)  I'd say candles or other things like that.
  • personalized stuff - things like keychains, beauty bags, cups, towels and stuff are always cute when they have a special design. Online you can find tons of websites where you can design these, put on names or patterns. Maybe some of you already know Glitzy-Glam *click*, that's what I have in mind.
  • pictures - for a good friend a album or designed frame with a special picture is so great! I already mentioned this in my last gift guide post, it's linked above.
  • accessoires - I already mentioned jewelry, but here I think more scarves and stuff. Really cute, useful, and you can get them in your friend's favorite color! :)
  • gift cards - gift cards just always work. I already mentioned them in I think all of the other episodes of this gift guide, because I think they will always work. Choose one for your friends favorite store!
  • candy - I know this sounds like a super boring and uncreative present, but some people will enjoy this a lot! I for example have a good friend who like always eats candy, and I'd rather get her a huge selection of candy than a book :D There's also special stuff, and some chocolate in combination with another present is also nice :)
  • alcoholic drinks - when you're old enough, you can give away something alcoholic. A good vine, or some special drink can be nice for the right person.
The best advice for presents is in my opinion to really think about it and choose something that fits the person right. Don't buy something random, and maybe think if it was you, would you like to receive something like what you picked? I hope this gift guide helped you out, and I'm sure all of you will be giving away awesome presents!
See you,
xoxo, Misch


  1. I've seen some bloggers doing bracelets with some leather or plastic strap and then the opening of soda cans and it looks great.

  2. @marox: that's a super cute idea! :)

  3. You did a great job with this gift guide friend!

  4. @Salander: thank you so much!

  5. Nice Ideas of perfect gift for anyone. I like the post,keep the good work going.

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