Saturday, 3 December 2011

Previews for January!

Hello there!
Xmas time has just started and we're already getting the previews for January LEs, isn't that crazy? But I have to share them anyway.
First of, Essence is gonna launch some new products in their permanent skin care line. Here *click* you have the new My Skin stuff, and here *click* the new Pure Skin stuff. I'm not the biggest fan ever of Essence skin care stuff, so this is not so interesting to me.
Now let's get into the actual LEs. Let's start with the Legends Of The Sky LE. *Click*. To me, this is the most boring one of the January ones, I'm just not a big fan of the colors. But I'm sure a lot of people will like this one!
And the last Essence preview, Crystalliced, *click*. This LE looks like the typical Essence winter LE, and I do like these. My only complaint is that the colors are all a bit too similar, and I'm afraid with like the polishes you won't be able to tell them apart that well. Let's hope that's gonna be different in real life! But I'm looking forward to the liquid highlighter, that one looks great :) And I like the overall design.
Last but not least, Catrice's LE for January, Hidden World, *click*. Here I like the overall colors, they're nude but still nice. I like the soufflés, I hope they're gonna be like the ones from Essence's Ballerina Backstage LE. But I just think that there have been LEs that were way more interesting.
After all, I like the LEs, but there's nothing I have to have, so it's fine if I don't get it all. What do you think about these LEs?
See you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I don't like the new LEs very much. I have one of the polishes from an old winter LE, Go Snow, and it's difficult indeed to tell the colours apart.

    The only MySkin products we've tried are the moisturisers ans they're great.

  2. Hi Misch !
    I am going to try to leave some comments again... and I am so sorry I didn't post for weeks ! I was just far too busy plus I have got some flu... :( But here I am today ;)
    I have discovered yesterday these new LEs and I think they are not quite bad but I agree with you : they are not the best Essence ever made... I am really looking forward to see the brown polishes (Hidden world and Legends of the sky). I love this kind of color even though I think it's more a fall color.
    Let's see when they'll be out !

  3. @marox: that's a pity!
    Good to know, I didn't try them!

    @Mimi: hey there! No problem, and get well soon!
    I totally agree with you :)

  4. I like the liquid highlighter and the soufle eyeshadows from Catrice :-)
    I like some skin care products from Essence, but the tinted moisturized is not for me.

  5. Those collection contains very pale colors which I don't use/have (specially nail polish) but I want to change that and I can see myself buying some stuff from Crystalliced and maybe brown polish from Catrice (I also don't have nothing brown for my nails). All of them are very different from what I normally wear so I will try to get out of my comfort zone and try something new ;)

  6. @MissDoll: trying something new is always a good idea. :)

  7. I also think like this plus the packaging is adorable :)


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