Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Drugstore Haul

Hey guys,
today I have to show you a drugstore haul! I just got a few things and I thought you'd like to see them!
- Nivea Beaute Ideal Finish Foundation in 02 Nude (I needed a new foundation an this one had the color and consistency I wanted)
- Essence Nail Art collector's case (I will use this to store either nail rhinestones in it or pigment samples - it's perfect because you can open each compartment separately)
- Essence kajal pencil in 04 white (I needed a basic white pencil liner and I just picked this one up)
- Isana Med antibacterial hand gel (I was tired of my gel by Essence, so I bought this one because it has a really nice scent)
- Manhattan Spice up your nails nail polish in 77T (it's the perfect navy blue creme and I love it!)
- Hairwell Hair Mask anti hair damage (I love this one because it's so cheap and it cares the hair very well. It's just available at Netto.)
So, that's what I got. If you want a review of any of these products, just tell me! :)
I'll see you guys soon! Bye, Misch

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