Sunday, 6 November 2011

NOTD November 6th: Catrice Out Of Space LE - C03 Beam Me Scotty!

Hello dear readers!
I'm sorry I've been just posting nail polish related stuff lately, hope you don't mind! This is gonna change for sure :)
But today is just one more polish related post, a NOTD. I'm showing a nail polish I got this summer, as it was part of Catrice's Out Of Space LE in July. Here *click* I wrote about it back then.
Beam Me Scotty! is a black with a teal hue, and some teal/green and silver shimmer. It's a Suede, which means it dries matte (here's my post about Suedes: *click*). Since it is a Suede, it dries really fast, and just needs 2 coats. I immediately applied a top coat, because I wanted to wear it shiny anyway. Silly me forgot to take pictures of it when it's matte, sorry about that :/
Adding a top coat makes it of course shiny, and it kinda brings it to life. It's way deeper and sparklier looking.
It's just so gorgeous, I absolutely love it! And I'm glad I'm wearing it now in fall and not back then in summer, because this dark shade is just great for this time of the year :)
Do you like this color as much as I do? I'm in love with it! Isn't it gorgeous?! You NEED to enlarge the pictures :)
I'll talk to you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Wow! When you enlarge the pictures the colour is amazing! And I think I would have done the same, using a top coat to make it shiny :-)

  2. Very pretty. Pity Catrice is hard to find here.

  3. @Francesca: grazie :)

    @Salander: right?! Haha, that's cool :)

    @marox: that's really a pity! They should make it available in more places :)


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