Thursday, 3 November 2011

NOTD November 3rd: Essence Re-Mix Your Style LE Dance Top Coat 01 Waking Up In Vegas

Hi guys!
Today's NOTD is something I really love :) I put on Essence's Dance Top Coat 01 Waking Up In Vegas from their Re-mix Your Style LE, YAY :D
I couldn't wait to wear this polish ever since I bought it a while ago, but I first had to finish my Halloween series of nail art. Now we have November, Halloween is over, and I can wear this one!
I added one coat of this top coat over 2 coats of OPI - I'm Suzi &I'm A Chocoholic. You guys know that I love this polish, this is the third time I put it on this fall, which really shows my love for it :) Here *click* is a swatch of it on its own.

But now back to the Essence Dance Top Coat. It applied nicely, and with a lot of sparkle :) And it especially pops against dark colors, that's why I applied it over this dark red :)
Even though it looks gorgeous when it's shiny, I just had to mattify it, and that makes it even more special :)
The glitter particles look orange, yellow/gold and green, btw.
And since it can look gold, and I applied it over red, it can have a christmas-y touch, but I'm okay with it now in this season :)
Do you like this polish?
Talk to you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Flackies!!! Oh gosh I want it!! Me and my italian fellows are waiting for this one and the other le top coats. So gorgeous! I think I'll get two bottles. :P

  2. I have that on my WL. I hope I can get my hands on it, if I'm lucky and our store gets that LE.

  3. I love it! It is really transforming dark nail polishes!

  4. Love love love ! Both OPI and top coat are gorgeous !
    You'll see, the top coat changes a bit according to the color below and it sometimes looks more orange, sometimes more green... etc. And I really like it on purple-blue, very classy and rock at the same time !

    I am so happy Essence have done a flaky topper :) (for I can't buy Nfuh or Nubar here...)

  5. @Ere: I'll cross my fingers for you :)

    @marox: I hope you will, it's so great!

    @Salander: thank you :) it really is!

    @Mimi: thanks :) it's a good idea to use it over blue :)
    Me too, it's great!


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