Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Also from Catrice's Welcome To Las Vegas LE

Hi guys!
I was lucky to find Catrice's Welcome To Las Vegas LE at another drugstore, and there I was able to get one of the double-ended lipglosses. The color I got is 01 Lovely Sinner, and it has a bright blue-based red on one side, and a metallic gold on the other, which is meant as a topper.
The red gloss doesn't feel like a gloss, I guess you could describe it best when saying lacquer. It dries, and it's not glossy at all. The pigmentation is awesome, you get a vibrant look immediately. But that also means that you can't use it a lightly, because the formula is not made for that. It has a sponge tip applicator.
The gold metallic part is way more like a a gloss, like a clear one with heavy gold glitter. It has a very strong sweet artificial scent that the red side doesn't have. This one has a little real brush.
For swatches I have both colors on their own and also layered, so you can see the combinations.
Lip swatches and more detailed thoughts are gonna follow tomorrow!
Did you get one of the glosses?
xoxo, Misch


  1. pokaži še na ustnicah :) me zanima kakšen je efekt ko daš oba gor.

  2. I wish we had Catrice over here. I looove pigmented lipglosses/lacquers.
    I got a feeling the lipglosses on the Essence Circus LE will be similar to this.

  3. I got the glosses lovely sinner and welcome to glitz and glamour, and I'm thinking about getting the third one also. I just love the idea :)

  4. @PassingFancy: sure :) a big yay for translators :D

    @marox: That could be true, that they are similar to the Essence ones!

    @Sarah: me too! :)

  5. Wow! The yellow part looks gorgeous!


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