Friday, 25 November 2011

TAG: Scents

Hi everyone,
today I have another short tag for you :) This time it's about scents! Let's get it started:

  1. Fruity, floral, warm, spicy, or food smell?
    Fruity and floral are my favorites, but I like the others, too, except for spicy scents, which I don't like at all.
  2. Body spray or perfume?
    Depends on the mood, body spray for the day and perfume at night. But in general, rather perfumes.
  3. Whats your all time favorite perfume?
    I like to switch my perfumes. I have a lot of samples, so I don't have to get a full bottle every time I'm in the mood for a new scent. Right now, I love DKNY Be Delicious and Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gioia. 
  4. Whats your all time favorite body spray?
    A unfortunately discontinued one from Body&Soul, a brand my local Mueller carries. It's in peach, and it's smells so fresh and fruity :)
  5. What are fragrance are you wearing right now?
    My very own scent ;) I just came out of the shower, and it's at night when I'm writing this, so I won't put on a scent anymore. I guess I smell like body lotion?! :D
I hope you liked this short little post :) It would be awesome if you did it, too! :)
xoxo, Misch


  1. My favourite perfume is Miracle by Lancome but I use Eau de Rochas a lot too :-)

  2. @Salander: I don't know these, maybe I should go smell them some time :)


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