Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Review: Swiss O Par Argan Oil Hair Mask

Hey there!
Today I have a review for you about a hair product I really like. It's Swiss O Par's Argan Oil Hair Mask!
  • available at most drugstores
  • costs 2.99 Euros for 200ml
  • also available in a small size (25ml) for 0.99 Euros to try it out
  • contains argan oil and provitamin B5
  • for dry and shineless hair
  • nice, creamy consistency
  • easy to use
  • price
  • availability
  • cares the hair nicely
  • good ingredients
  • makes the hair shiny
  • leaves a soft sweet scent
  • when you hold it, and open the cap, some product kinda flows out
  • when you use, it has a very strong sweet scent that is a bit overwhelming 
As you can tell, I really like this product :) It's great for my hair, and I love to use it once a week :)
What is your favorite hair mask?
Talk to you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Argan oil seems to be everywhere now.

  2. It sounds like a product I would like to try out :-)
    Now I am using a sugar mask but I don't see any results. Al least I like the scent.

  3. @marox: yes, that's true! But it seems to be good :)

    @Salander: it's really worth a try! Of course I can't promise you anything, but I recommend it :)
    I hate it when I don't see results with products! ;)

  4. Ich fand es auch toll aber kann es hier in den Staaten nicht finden! Es gibt viele Produkte die so sind, und auch umgekehrt was man nicht in Deutschland finden kann. :(

    1. ja, das ist immer so schade! man sollte alles ueberall finden koennen, dann waere das viel einfacher!


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