Saturday, 12 November 2011

Spotted: Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas LE

Hi guys!
A big big YAY for my drugstore, they finally managed it to get the new LEs! Unfortunately they seem to have skipped the Big City Life LE, and put up the Welcome To Las Vegas immediately. But that doesn't matter, because this one is great to :)
The Welcome To Las Vegas contains 1 eyeshadow quad, 1 scented shimmer powder spray, 1 pair of fake lashes, 1 liquid liner, 3 duo lipglosses, 1 transparent fixing powder and 4 nail polishes. Here *click* you cna see all of the products.
All over, the LE is themed around Las Vegas, shows, stage, and party. Great for this season in my opinion!
The eyeshadow quad contains all shimmery shades, and they're nice for a smokey look. I didn't buy it because I own enough eyeshadows, and the colors could be replaced by shades of my 120 palette.
Next, the scented shimmer powder spray. It comes in a pretty flacon with a vamporizer. It was too shimmery for my taste and smelled quite strong.
The fake lashes are really pretty, and not as long as other ones. But I just can't use them, so I left them there.
The liquid liner is black with gold shimmer particles. I left it there, but now I kinda regret it. I hope I'll be able to still get it!
The 3 duo lipglosses are bright pink/red glosses and metallic toppers. I would have loved to get one of them, but unfortunately at my drugstore they were already sold out. What a pity!
Next, the transparent fixing powder. It has such a pretty print on it, as you can see in the promo pics. But since it's gonna wear off soon, I told myself not to get it.
And last but not least, the nail polishes. They were all virbrant, shimmery and pretty. The red one looked very similar to Marilyn&Me from the permanent line. I chose the for me prettiest polish, called C04 Drama Queen. It's a black with gold shimmer. I absolutely love it, it works prefectly for the theme. It barely needs 2 coats, and the brush is again really wide, like with the Bohemia LE polishes.
A NOTD will follow soon. My swatch doesn't do it justice, the gloomy light today didn't make the glitter show's way prettier in real life!
What do you think about this LE? I love the design, the theme, it's so great!
And I hope I'll be able to get some more stuff :D
Until then guys!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I was shocked when I read your comment! First (and probably last) time in my life I can get a Catrice LE in Madrid and you can't in Germany, haha!

  2. @Salander: haha, hopefully for the last time ;) just kidding, but I would have liked to see it too :D

  3. Hi!

    This is Carla from Hope all is well.

    I live in the US and I was wondering if you would be interested in a swap.

    Please let me know at
    Thank you,

  4. @Carla: Hey! First, thanks for the request :) I'll be sending you a mail :)


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