Saturday, 18 June 2011

EOTD June 18th: Variation of the Neutral Color Pop

Hey there!
This is an EOTD, and it is a variation of the Neutral Color Pop which I showed you here *click* for example, but it's a little different in terms of eyeshadows.
I first used the Rival de Loop Young eyeshadow base to prevent creasing, and then applied the MNY eyeshadow in the color 602A on the inner half of my lid. For the crease I used the dark color from the Essence Mumbamumba duo, but I applied it with a very light touch so it didn't get too dark.
For the color pop I used Sea Of Green by Catrice, and just applied this along my lower lashline. For eyeliner I used the Essence eyeliner pen, and for mascara the Great Lash one from Maybelline.
This look's really easy to do, but still pretty for summer :) I like how it incorporates color without being too much, and I'm proud of myself for using different shades that I usually do, which are like blue and golds and bronzes :D
Do you like this look?
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch


  1. Fully agree, sometimes adding a colour line to a neutral look transforms it. I use to do it more in the upper lash line, overall with purple and blue :-)

  2. @Salander: well, if you like that, then I'm gonna do a color on the upper lash line soon :) thanks for this advice!


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