Thursday, 30 June 2011


Hey dear readers,
This is my second episode of the COSMETICS COUNTER. I'm gonna do that every half a year, on June 30th and December 31th, like I already explained in this post back in December. *Click* here to read what I wrote back then.
Feel free to do the COSMETICS COUNTER on your blog as well! Just copy the categories and fill them in!

pressed eyeshadows (monos, duos, trios and quads): 26 - stayed the same!
cream eyeshadows: 4 - stayed the same!
pigments: 6 (+ 24 sample sizes) - stayed the same!
gel eyeliners: 4 - increased!
pencil eyeliners (+ jumbo eyepencils): 16 - stayed the same!
liquid eyeliners: 5 - decreased! 
bases: 1 - stayed the same!
eyeshadow palettes (all that contain 5 or more different eyeshadows, only eyeshadows!): 3 - stayed the same!
eyebrow pencils: 2 - stayed the same!
mascaras: 2 - decreased!

lipglosses (+plumpers): 22 - increased!
lipsticks: 11 (+ 4 sample sizes) - increased!
lipliners: 3 - stayed the same!
lipbalms: 11 - stayed the same!

pressed and loose powders: 3 - stayed the same!
foundations: 2 - stayed the same!
concealer: 5 - stayed the same!
blushes (pressed, gel, cream & sticks): 11 - increased!
bronzer: 2 - stayed the same!
highlighter: 2 - stayed the same!

colored nail polishes: 131 - increased!
base & top coats: 4 - stayed the same!
extra nail stuff: 3 - decreased!

random kits/palettes: 5 - stayed the same!
brushes: 25 - increased!

So that's how many cosmetics I own at the middle of 2011. How much do you? I'm amazed by how much stuff this is...But an addict just can't stop buying ;) Let's hope that at least Use-It-Up! makes some progress in the future ;) And I actually didn't even get that much new stuff, and I also threw out some things I didn't need anymore!
Let me know how many you do :)
xoxo, Misch


  1. Omg, I can't do it! I have so many things that I would feel too guilty after counting. Haha!

  2. @Salander: haha, how fun :D

  3. I have been using this from the last month and i am fully satisfy with the product as i use to think this image me glamorous day by day thanks for the information.

  4. COSMETICS COUNTER as i have read this and really enjoyed this article as well thanks for sharing as i used to visit this always thanks.


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