Saturday, 25 June 2011

Review: Tchibo Face Massager

Hi guys!
Today I have a review about a tool that I've been using for about 2 weeks now. It's the Face Massager from Tchibo!
Here's what I think about it:

  • costs 6,99 Euros
  • is available at most Tchibo stores (don't know for how long, though!) and here *click* online 
  • is a massager with three interchangeable "heads": a brush, a sponge and a massager
  • comes with batteries, instructions and a little pouch to store it
  • you can use it in 2 different speeds
  • it's PINK! :D
For the interested people: Instructions for use:
I thought for those of you who are really interested in this, it'd be better to take photos of the instructions. That way I don't forget anything, and you have it as detailed as in real life ;) Just click on them to enlarge them so you can read it better :)
  • price
  • you have a lot of variety with it
  • has a nice feeling on this skin --> a little like a home spa :)
  • the sponge is really great for cleansing the skin
  • the massaging tool is nice to help the moisturizer sink in
  • I love the color :D
  • when you buy it, you get really everything you need so it works
  • is whole thing & idea is really convenient
  • availability (I believe it's only available for a few weeks)
  • the brush tool is too harsh for my skin
  • there's no huge effect to it
  • it makes a pretty loud noise
  • you could discuss whether there's a real "need" to it
  • could be too harsh for sensitive skin
Over all, I like this tool :) I especially use the sponge tool every second to third night, and it's great. But there's, like I mentioned above, no real effect visible, and it's not really a needed thing.
So it's nice, it's fun, but you don't have to have it. If you always wanted to get a version of the famous Clearsonic, you could give this a try, because it's not too expensive. But for very sensitive skin it's nothing.

Does anyone own this, too?

I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I think the explanation given for the use of product is very much in detail. I have learned even the tit bits of it.

  2. @senegence: haha, well, that's great that you know it so well now ;) but do you think it's too detailed? of course you didn't have to read it all, I just added it all so it's complete ;)

  3. Good price, I didn´t know this brand. What a pity it is not softer! Kisses.

  4. @Salander: well, maybe you haven't heard of this brand because it's not an actual make-up brand. they make coffee and a lot of other things, and the theme of this specific week was care stuff for your face. that could be the reason for that :)

  5. hey i also have it. love that it is pink as well lol

    i have sensitive skin but this thing does a great job.. i actually use brush everyday after i removed my make up. i just put a lil bit of EARTH cleanser from beautycycle onto the brush and it does great job. it literally removes all the make up that might be left on skin. not sure what sponge does as i havent noticed any difference when i used it from when i was not using it .lol but brush is okay.

    1. that's cool :)
      I always use the sponge with this one, but the brush is good, too, you're totally right :)

  6. Thanks for sharing this post.This is nice Face Massager having good quality.According to me it is a good product having efficient output.


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