Sunday, 19 June 2011

Review: Rexona 48h Cotton Dry Deodorant Stick

Hi everyone,
here's a new review! I already mentioned this deodorant in my favs post for May, so you already know that I like it ;)
  • anti-perspirant
  • anti-transpirant
  • dry deo stick
  • called Cotton 
  • promised long lasting protection, up to 48 hours
  • costs 1,65 Euros for 40ml of product
  • available at most drugstores
  • doesn't contain alcohol
  • does contain aluminium
  • you can twist the bottom so the stick comes out
  • leaves a little creamy look, but not too noticeable 
  • price & availability
  • nice, natural scent
  • no alcohol in it
  • really lives up to its promises: it keeps me dry & good-smelling all day long
  • it's a dry deo stick --> no drying time as you have it with deo rollers, and better for the environment than spray deos
  • save, easy packaging --> you can have it in your purse without being afraid that it gets open or anything
  • it doesn't dry out my armpits 
  • you don't feel it when it's on
  • contains aluminium --> not good for those of you who pay attention to things like that
applied on my arm - do you see the creamy look?
Well guys, I really like this deodorant! It's really good, and it protects you all day long! I didn't try out the 48h, and I hope you won't, either, because you really should was your body every day.
Does anyone use this, too?
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch


  1. My favourite one is Nivea Pearl, I can´t change to another one, this is just perfect! Did you try it?

  2. I published the award here
    This time I answered the questions in English too for you to read them!
    Feel free to take the other awards about friendship!

  3. @Salander: yes, I actually tried it once and liked it! but I kinda always have to change my things, that's how I do it :D

    cool! thank you :) that's great :)


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