Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Eyeshadow Collection #5: Blues and Greens

Hey guys,
today I have the last post of my eyeshadow collection in terms of monos and duos - I think at least. So don't be surprised if there'll be another post coming up ;) Here are my blues + greens!

Essence - 29 C'est la vie
This eyeshadow's been discontinued for quite some time, but I still like it. It's a shimmery medium green, not too pigmented but still nice. I used to wear this a lot last year!

Essence - 25 Last Call
Here we have another discontinued eyeshadow, a very light blue/turquoise. I bought this when I was really young, it was one of my first eyeshadows, because I read in a magazine that this color would flatter my eye color :D It's just shimmery and not really pigmented. 

Catrice Oceana LE - C03 Sea Of Green
This eyeshadow is a vibrant matte green, really pretty for summer. I used it in an EOTD last year *click*. It was unfortunately limited.

MNY - 301A
This is a shimmery military kinda color, a khaki olive shade. It was part of some LE, but I don't remember the name, sorry :/ Pigmentation is good with this one. 

Alverde Baked Eyeshadow - 06 Intensive Turquoise 
Here we have a baked and unfortunately discontinued eyeshadow. It's a shimmery metallic and vibrant turquoise, but it looks better when applied wet.

RdLY Quattro - 02 Blue Lagoon
This is a quad, but I'm mentioning it here because it has the packaging of a normal mono eyeshadow. It's a light blue, two medium shades, all shimmery, and a black with blue glitter particles. This one's still available, I think. Pigmentation is okay.

these are just from the RdLY quad
All swatches were done without a base.

So guys, that's it for my greens and blues! Hope you liked this series!
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch


  1. The color of the eye shadow displayed here is one of my favorites one. I have a couple of them.

  2. ooooh i've just fallen in love with the catrice one, what a pity that it's a limited one!!! :( i think it's a really beautiful color for summer...

  3. @senegence: that's cool, I'm glad you like the colors :)

    @kashmir: oh, i'm sorry! but maybe you'll be able to find a similar color!

  4. As always I love the one from Catrice ;-)

  5. @salander: what a surprise ;) I knew you'd say that :)

  6. I have seen the Eyeshadow Collection this was great stuff thanks for the information and even i have some more to share as i will share with u guys next day as i ma busy with collecting more so thanks.


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