Monday, 6 June 2011

Review: Catrice Papagena LE Blush Stick C01 Tigerlilly

Hey dear readers,
After the 1st anniversary of this blog, let's kick off the new blogging year with this post :) I finally have the review for the Catrice Blush Stick in C01 Tigerlilly. Here's what I think about it:
  • is part of the Papagena Limited Edition
  • costs 3,95 Euros
  • has a matte coral color
  • the stick has a noticeable sweet perfume scent
  • the texture is really like wax
  • contains 8.5 gramms of product
  • the stick itself is way longer than the actual product
  • the packaging feels like rubber 
  • has a pretty color
  • looks a dewy on your skin right after you applied it
  • is really really sheer
  • isn't really visible on the cheeks, not even on light skin
  • melts of really soon, especially if you have oily skin
  • is a little too pricey for the poor quality
  • the scent might be too strong for you
Well, as you might be able to tell, I'm a little disappointed. It's just not as good quality as you might expect a Catrice product to be...So, to be honest, don't get this one and save your money.
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch  


  1. Thanks for the warning. Some products look very promising on the shelf but then you get a nasty surprise when you try them on at home.

  2. Wow! My skin is quite bronzed and quite oily, so definitely it is not for me. What a shame! The colour is very nice!

  3. @marox and Salander: yeah, unfortunately it was disappointing :/


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