Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Review: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Hi there!
Today I finally have the review for the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara for you, after I've already been mentioning it in EOTD posts :)
Here you go:

  • in the shade Blackest Black which is exactly what the name says
  • has a fun colorful retro packaging (pink and green!)
  • you should use it up within 6 months as the packaging claims
  • it contains 12,5 ml 
  • costs 3,75 Euros
  • is available at most drugstores, although I noticed that in my area only stores with a big Maybelline counter had this one
  • the wand has a normal size, not extraordinary 

  • price
  • design (I like it)
  • color - yeah, I know, it's just black, but at least it's a true black
  • easy to control
  • drying time is okay
  • the formula is way too wet for my liking
  • the wand is too small for my preference
  • no amazing effect on the eyes: not extreme volume, not extreme lengthening
  • it tends to clump and stick your lashes together, especially after 2 coats 
Wand comparison:
I compared the wand to the other mascaras I had laying around, as you can see on the pictures. It's shorter and thinner than Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express, thicker and shorter than RdLY's Diamond Wish Mascara, and thinner and shorter than MaxFactor's False Lash Effect.

Lash Swatches:

And here you have swatches on my lashes. I hope you can excuse the puffiness of my eyes, I took these pics in the morning and was still a little tired ;) Here *click* you can see the mascara on my lashes in a EOTD post.
As you can tell, this mascara is not the best one I ever tried. The wand is nothing special, and that's visible on the eye as well. Especially right after I got it, the formula is extremely wet which causes a lot of clumping and sticking. Now, after about 2 weeks, the formula is better than in the beginning, but still not perfect. It adds a little like a wet look to the lashes. It's nothing special, and if you're looking for a basic mascara, you could give this a try. But there are definitely better mascaras out there, especially from Maybelline! I definitely will be using this one up, but I know already that I won't repurchase it.
Did anyone try this, too?
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch


  1. My sister used that mascara many years ago.
    As usual, it's twice as expensive here, about 7€ maybe.

  2. @marox: how did she like it?
    that's really unfair that the pricing is so different all over the world!

  3. I never tried that mascara but I was about to say same that Marox about price, crazy!

  4. @Salander: yeah, that's insane!!


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