Friday, 27 January 2012

Polish Finish Series: Pearl

Hey there!
Today I want to talk about another nail polish finish, because I want to get on a bit with these posts! I'll be showing you the Pearl finish now.
A pearl finish is quite similar to a shimmer, or a frost, about which I'll be talking in another episode. But they little particles in the Pearl are way smaller than in the other two finishes, and that's one thing that sets them apart. The sheen in the pearl finish is kind of, well, pearly! I'm sure you can imagine this soft pearly sheen I'm talking about :)
It's easy to apply, and since the pearl has this super fine particles, it spreads evenly. Pearl colors are most of the time silver, so they can look a little frosty.
Pearls aren't actually that common, because most companies rather do real shimmers. But the pearl is also a really nice one!
As an example, I have OPI Come To Poppy from their Nice Stems Summer 2011 Collection. It's a bright pink with a silver pearl, and needs 2 coats. Here *click* is a NOTD with it.
The other color is Essence's You're A Heartbreaker from their 50ies Girls Reloaded LE from last summer. It's a medium gray with also a silver/blue pearl. *Click* for a NOTD.
What do you think of pearls? I like them a lot! :)
xoxo, Misch


  1. I like them too, I have many nail polishes with this finish :-)

  2. What brand and color is the full glitter pink color on the swatch above? I think its number 14?

    1. It's by Rival de Loop Young, and called 01 Glamour Pink. It was part of a Winter collection in december 2010, so it's unfortunately no longer available...


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