Thursday, 12 January 2012

Spotted: Essence Legends Of The Sky LE

Hey guys!
I just lately went to the drugstore again, and found a LE I had already forgotten about ;) It's Essence's Legends Of The Sky LE. I'm gonna tell you already now, I didn't get anything, but I wanted to kinda "review" the LE anyways. So here you go:
This LE contains 1 eyeshadow palette, 3 double-ended liner & shadow sticks, 2 lipsticks, 1 blush, 6 nail polishes and one ring. Here *click* you can find all of the products.
The eyeshadow palette has some natural colors, like brown, taupe and olive, as well as some more unusual, like red and orange. There was a tester, and the eyeshadows were surprisingly pigmented and soft! I just left it there because these are not my types of colors. But if you do like them, make sure you have a look at it!
The double-ended liner & shadow sticks are silver, olive green and brown. Again, not so much my colors. I prefer warm and clean browns, not green-toned ones.
The lipsticks appeared weird to me. One was a dark metallic brown, the other a sheer white shimmer. As a plus, there were testers, that's great, but I just didn't like them. They're not colors I wear either.
Next up, the blush. This is what I had wanted, and this is what was gone at my drugstore :P
The nail polishes are like the eyeshadow palette: a lot of neutrals and a red and a orange. The nudes were all not clean nudes, again green-toned or dirty shades and stuff. They looked okay, but with my huge stash in mind, I told myself I didn't have to have one.
And last but not least, the ring. It's like dark beeds but still looks like metal or something. It's again not my taste, so I left it there.

I'm sure this is a nice LE for people who like these colors. They're just not my taste, but that's okay because it doesn't have to be. What do you think of this LE?
See you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. We already have this one (but still no sight of the Crystaliced one), I also didn't get anything from this one because colors aren't my thing and I'm saving my money for the other collection
    I really hope we will get it

    1. Good choice, I also like the Crystalliced one better :)

  2. I want the blush! What a pitty you couldn´t get it!!!

    1. Yes, that's really bad! :P
      but maybe you'll be able to get it :)


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