Saturday, 7 January 2012

NOTD Essence Crystalliced LE 05 Frosted Champaign

Hey everyone!
Today I'm wearing the first polish from the ones I got from Essence's Crystalliced LE. It's called 05 Frosted Champaign, and it's a off-white with a slight shimmer and just a few tiny darker particles.
It was easy to apply, but my problem was the opacity. I wanted to do thin coats, so it dried faster, but with the thin coats it got streaky. In the end I did 4 coats to level it out and make it fully opaque. If you paint thicker, this might work already with 3 coats. At least it's not impossible to get some coverage!
I like the color, but I think it gives me very red hands, I don't know...
To make it a little more interesting I did a blue leopard print on it, and it's really fun that way :)
Bottom line is that I have mixed feelings about this one, but it's okay.
What do you think? Would you get it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. the color is great but having to apply 4 coats is too much for me...

  2. @NATY: yes, I agree with that!

  3. I think is a quite regular colour and I just buy very special ones. I am very happy because I got the top coat from Remix your style LE :-)

  4. @marox: I don't have a limit, I rather do an extra coat so it's really opaque ;)

    @Salander: that's a good point.
    yes, you're really lucky with that! :)


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