Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Spotted: Essence Crystalliced LE

Hi guys!
After showing you the previews for the new LEs for February already yesterday *click*, I'm now gonna talk about the current ones! I just lately saw Essence's Crystalliced LE at the drugstore, yay :)
This LE contains 4 liquid eyeshadows, 1 Snow Flake mascara topper, 2 glitter froster, 3 lipglosses, 1 liquid highlighter, 5 nail polishes and 1 set of nail stickers. Products can be seen here *click* at Pinkmelon.
The liquid eyeshadows are in tubes and you can apply them with a sponge tip applicator. I didn't get one, because the colors were all a bit too frosty for my taste, and they didn't seem to have that high coverage.
The Snow Flake Mascara Topper wasn't even interesting to me, because I don't like things like these. They're fun, but nothing I need.
Same goes for the Glitter Frosters. Loose glitter isn't something I use.
The 3 lipglosses contained shimmer, and they were a bit too pastel-y for my liking. And they didn't really look like they'd be full coverage, so I left them at the store.
The liquid highlighter comes in a little pump thingy, and it's a silver shimmery fluid. I bought this one, and I'm gonna write a review about it very soon!
The nail polishes were better than I expected. Normally, Essence's winter nail polishes all look too similar and stuff, but this time this was better. They're 5 nice pastel polishes. I bought 2 of them: 04 Ice Eyes Baby, a grayish light blue with shimmer, and 05 Frosted Champaign, a off-white cream color with shimmer. On the nail wheel, they both needed 3 coats, but they did get opaque. Looking forward to wearing them on the nails!
left: 05, right: 04
And last but not least, the nail stickers. They are snow flakes and stuff, really cute and pretty for people who aren't good at nail art but like to wear something special nonetheless. I didn't get them, though.

What are your thoughts about this LE? I like it better than I thought!
NOTDs and a review will follow soon :)
xoxo, Misch


  1. I have to see stuff with my own eyes but I can already know that I will probably love the other three polishes which you didn't take it ;)
    Well, the blue is still nice and it really looks nice on you

  2. I don't find it very promising...don't you think the highlighter is too shiny? I will wait for your review :-)

  3. @MissDoll: haha, that's fun!
    thanks :)

    @Salander: no, I don't think so! I tried it twice so far, you just have to be careful with the amount you use :)
    it'll follow soon!


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