Monday, 16 January 2012

Previews for February

Hey there!
With my post at the beginning of January, *click*, we already saw some of the new LEs. They were a bit less than usually, and now finally the other previews are released!
I have no idea why they would only show these previews in mid-January, but I'm sure there's some important marketing reason ;) Whatever ;)
First, the Essence one, Crazy Good Times. It's carnival-themed, which is great for the season. Here *click* you can see the preview pics on Pinkmelon. The most important products of this LE are the fake lashes and the nail polishes, and I think both things are awesome! The polishes look so fun, I need to get them all, and the lashes are great for carnival! I'm not sure whether I'll get them, but I'm sure they'll be popular. The other products of this LE are also fun for the season, but not too exciting.
Now, Catrice. They're LE is called feMALE. Here *click* is an overview. It contains quite unusual products, like the aquarelle duo chalks, a cream blush and all of the other things :) The colors aren't that exciting, but after all this LE looks really nice to me :) Can't wait to see it in real life!
Both of these LEs are supposed to be out in February.
Now this is more what I like! I just knew that the older previews couldn't have been it!
What do you say about these?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Essence LE isn't that interesting to me but in Catrice one, I can see some fun products. I like how the lip balms looks (in paint containers) and I will wait for some reviews and if they will be good, than I need both of them. ;) The eye shadows (I assume you have to use wet brush?) are interesting but they are not my colors and on the end there are polishes and from photos I can see only two nice shades but we will have to wait for some actual swatches to see the real colors

  2. I don't like the one from Essence but the Catrice LE is so pretty and original!
    Do you know how the aquarelle duo chalks work?

    1. I think that they're similar to the ones of Essence's Urban Messages LE? like chalk sticks? that's what they look like to me at least!

  3. I don't think they are sticks, they looks like normal eye shadows but you probably have to use wet brush (the colors comes out more vivid than if you would use dry one). I mean, I have some eye shadows and on the back it says water colors and I only use wet application and it forks perfect that way

    1. That could also be true! We'll see when it comes out, then :)


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