Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Preview Time

Hi there!
Beginning of a new year, beginning of a new month. That means: Preview time!
Catrice will launch a LE called Nymphelia in February, see here *click*. I think the colors all work for the theme and also spring. I love the blush, it looks so pretty, and the lip color creams are also really pretty.
Essence will be releasing a LE with the name get BIG! lashes, *click*. It'll be 3 mascaras for different results. I honestly think this is a bit boring! I mean, sure, new mascaras are great, but why make an LE out of them? They could have at least added something else! And surprisingly, there's no second Essence LE. Normally they always launch 2 ones, but this time there's no other preview.
Since February/March is also the time for permanent line changes, these LEs will be already containing some new products. I like these LEs, you can already see what'll be awaiting you.
What do you think of these LEs?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I'm on the same boat with you, making LE out of three mascaras? It boring (I secretly hope they will release a second LE to go with this one).
    Catrice new edition also don't give me any butterflies, I will take a closer look at pink and brown polish and probably this is it
    For me it's not very exciting :(

  2. I love the one by Catrice, the brush and the eyeshadows look very pretty!

  3. @MissDoll: yes, right?! Hope there'll be something else!

    @Salander: that's great :)

  4. We'd say yay to a LE with image plates, wouldn't we?

  5. @marox: that sounds great! :)


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