Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Polish Haul #2: Essie & China Glaze

Hi there!
A few days ago I showed you the first part of my nail polish haul, and now here's the other half of the polishes :) I of course also got a few China Glaze polishes, and some Essies! So here they are:

China Glaze Let It Snow Collection - Velvet Bow
From China Glaze's Holiday Collection of 2011 I got a few polishes, and one of them is this super pretty dark red creme. It seriously just looks like a velvet bow!

China Glaze Let It Snow Collection - Snow Globe
This polish is a glitter topper, with round multi-colored particles. It's super fun and looks a bit like glittering snow! But it's rather meant for layering.

China Glaze Let It Snow Collection - Glittering Garland
Here we have a green dark base with lighter green glitter. It's super festive and so stunning! What a pity the Holiday season is already over...

China Glaze Let It Snow Collection - Twinkle Lights
And my last China Glaze polish for this haul. It's a super pretty glitter, consisting of red, gold and green. This is like Christmas in a bottle! It looks more gold, but the number of each color glitter seems to be even.

Essie Fall 2011 Collection - Ladylike
Here we have a super soft and pretty gray-toned light pink. This is quite natural, but it's interesting, so it doesn't fall into the natural=boring category.

Essie Winter 2011 Collection - School Of Hard Rocks
This is a great gray- and green-toned blue polish, not too usual. It's a creme and I like it a lot :)

Essie New Year's Eve Metallics Collection - Trophy Wife
And last but not least, a pretty green-toned turquoise shimmer. It looks metallic and is super fun! I fully understand why this was part of a NYE collection.

Thoughts? I love all of these polishes, as well as the ones from the other haul! These are all from I'm especially surprised by Essie, they're getting more and more interesting to me :)
Do you already have any of these in your collection?
See you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. The glitter ones are gorgeous!!!
    I knew you were going to love the new store selling Catrice and Prestige in Madrid :-)

    1. Thank you :)
      ooh, I do! I wish I had that store here in Germany :D

  2. No I don't have them but they are so beautiful and I would like to have them all, well maybe not Twinkle light (too much glitters) ;)
    I bet Ladylike looks awesome on you

    1. @MissDoll: thanks :)
      too much glitter?? how can that be possible?? :D

  3. I meant too much colorful glitter (gold, red and green don't fit together in my opinion) ;)

    1. ahh, I see :D I like it that way, but don't have to of course :D


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