Friday, 7 September 2012

Spotted: Catrice Upper WILDSide LE

Hey everyone!
Catrice's LE for September is called Upper WILDSide, and I want to talk about it now :)
This LE contains 3 cream eyeshadows, 2 lip gloss sticks, 1 sun teint bronzing gel, 5 nail polishes and 1 beauty bag. Here *click* you can find an overview of all of the products.
The cream eyeshadows come in little tubes like lipglosses, and they're all shimmery. I personally find the colors rather uninteresting.
The lipsticks seemed to be glossy and they're very orange-toned. Not my taste.
The sun teint bronzing gel is supposed to make you look tanner but not be self-tanning. Nothing for me.
The nail polishes are nice but not interesting. No single color that looked nice to me!
Last but not least, the beauty bag. Another thing that's just not my style.

After all, this is like the first Catrice LE I couldn't find a single positive thing about. Just don't like it.
What do you think?
xoxo, Misch

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