Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Book Review: Numbers by Rachel Ward

Hey there!
I just recently finished this book I've been reading, Numbers by Rachel Ward, and thought it might be nice to write a book review :)
The main character in Numbers is Jem, who has a special ability: when she looks somebody into the eye, she sees a number. And that number is the date of the person's death. That's pretty much all you need to know about it, and this is also the main topic. Around this thing of her seeing dates of death, there are of course things happening to her and a friend of hers. It's getting super exciting and it's really not what you expect right away, I don't want to give anything away! :D
I really liked how the main character is not your average good novel hero: Jem's 15, she's socially awkward, has this ability to see death dates and a history that makes her the person she is. She's poor, a kid in foster care, and doesn't want to do what she's told by anyone else, she doesn't care about a lot of things. She's one of those teenagers no one wants to be in contact with because they just seem bad, but that's not all about her character. The book's written from her perspective.
You get right into the story, and some things only become clear to you when you go on reading. You can always feel with the characters, I never found it confusing. Even though it's fiction, it never feels totally bizarre or unrealistic. I was able to read it really quickly, there aren't tons of thinking needed to stick to the story. It's a good book in my opinion, I like how it's emotional, a little thrilling - but not in a way you get afraid - and has a love story part. It's a nice pleasure read, not something I'm head over heels for, but I enjoyed it.
Did anyone of you read it?
xoxo, Misch

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