Saturday, 22 September 2012

Review: Catrice Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties LE Multi Color Blush C01 Gone With The Wind

Hey guys,
today I'd like to talk about the last product from Catrice's Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties LE, the Multi Color Blush C01 Gone With The Wind.
  • Catrice Multi Color Blush C01 Gone With The Wind
  • part of the Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties LE, September 2012
  • contains 8.5 g
  • costs 3,99 Euros
  • it's a combination of a pressed and baked blush
  • it's a matte coral pink base color with lighter and darker sprinkles

  • price
  • color
  • pigmentation is nice but not too much
  • matte
  • easy to apply
  • easy to blend
  • looks natural

  • it's limited
  • you could overdo it, it's not that much of a light color
  • the sprinkles fade with use

after usage: the sprinkles fade
After all, I really like this blush! It's super pretty, I use it every day, just because it works great for that :) It might not be the most original blush ever, but I'm glad I own it :)
What do you think of it?
xoxo,  Misch


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