Thursday, 20 September 2012

Review: Catrice Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties LE Eyebrow Lifter C01 Casablanca's Highlight

Hi there!
Today I'd like to review the Eyebrow Lifter from Catrice's Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties LE :)
  • Catrice Eyebrow Lifter C01 Casablanca's Highlight
  • part of the  Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties LE, September 2012
  • is like a thicker eyeliner pencil
  • the color's a very light natural pink
  • it contains 3g
  • it costs 2,95 Euros
  • it's meant to be a highlighting pencil for your eyebrow area
  • it contains carmine

  • price
  • good pigmentation
  • very creamy
  • easy to apply
  • easy to blend
  • you can use it underneath your brow, in your inner corner and on the waterline
  • the light pink neutralizes blue shading around the eyes
  • is a possible dupe for Benefit's HighBrow
  • lasts all day on your eye area
  • lasts for a couple of hours on your waterline, then fades gradually

  • it's limited
  • it's bigger than normal eyeliner pencils, so you need a bigger sharpener for it (the one that comes with the double sharpeners works fine)
  • it can enhance dry skin underneath your brow

used lightly underneath the brow, in the inner corner and on the waterline
After all, I'm super happy with this product :) It's great for a daily use, I love it in the morning because it makes me look way more awake :)
What do you think of this one? 
xoxo, Misch


  1. Nice product, looks good. But nothing what I must buy... but thanks for sharing with us :)


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