Friday, 3 February 2012

NOTD February 3rd: Essie - Ladylike + Kiss Nail Art

Hey everyone!
Today I'm gonna show you the very last polish from my big haul I did at the beginning of this year. The only polish I haven't worn yet is China Glaze Snow Globe, but it's a glitter and I need to be in the mood for it, and I think I'll rather include it in a nail art design :) So, here we have, last but not least, Essie Ladylike!
Ladylike is a soft light pink with gray undertones.It was part of Essie's Fall 2011 Collection, but you can still get it, at least online.
Application of this was a dream, super squishy and still creamy and pigmented, perfectly even coverage with 2 coats. This is what I want polish application to be like!
Since it's the beginning of February, and that means it's Valentine's Day soon, I decided to play around with it, and ended up doing a kiss design on top of Essie Ladylike. I used all kinds of reds and pinks (want details?), and it looks so fun! It took a lot of time, though, because you have to create every single kiss with just a toothpick.
I went kind of for a romantic/kitsch overkill, but if this is too much for you, you could also just do an accent nail with the print or something like that :) Here *click* I already did a tutorial on the kisses last year :)

Ladylike is classy and elegant, the name's perfect for it, and the design really spreads the love :D
What do you think of it? 
xoxo, Misch


  1. You could have stamped those kisses for a faster mani.

    1. that's a good idea, but unfortunately I don't have a plate for that...oh, well :D

  2. I like the base colour, it is very neutral and elegant. The lips are funny, but too much for me, haha!

    1. that's great :)
      haha, sure, I can imagine that! :D

  3. nice nail color... i love it


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