Friday, 24 February 2012

Review: Catrice Ultimate Color Lipstick in Call The Ambulance

Hi there!
Here's a review about Catrice's Ultimate Color Lipstick in Call The Ambulance. Catrice is discontinuing this shade, but maybe some of you can still pick it up, so a review could be helpful :)
  • soon to be discontinued (February)
  • part of the Ultimate Color line
  • color's a red with glitter particles
  • costs 3,95 Euros normally, on sale you can get it for 1,75
  • price is nice, especially on sale
  • nice color
  • it's not all the way opaque, so it's good for every day
  • it's easy to apply
  • the glitter is very chunky
  • the wear isn't that good, it's too glidy to stay long
After all, I do like this lipstick. It's not perfect, and the short wear time does bother me. So I'd think twice before getting it, but in the end that's your decision.
Do you own this lipstick?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I have this one too! I wear it pretty often :)

  2. I only have one p2 lipsticks, but I feel they're better than both Essence / Catrice. Sometimes it depends on the colour, with sheer and pigmented colours within the same line and brand.

    1. For me p2 lipsticks are a bit too creamy...but you're right, a brand can have good and bad lipsticks in their range!

  3. For that price is worth to get!


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