Thursday, 16 February 2012

Review: Catrice FeMALE LE Cream To Powder Blush C01 A Woman's World

Hi there!
Today I finally have the review for Catrice's Cream to Powder Blush from their FeMALE LE. Here you go:
  • part of Catrice's FeMALE LE
  • called C01 A Woman's World
  • it's a cream blush that turns powdery when you apply it
  • it contains 3.5 g
  • costs 3.45 Euros
  • the color's a cool-toned pink blush with neutral undertones
  • price
  • pretty color
  • doesn't contain any shimmer, but it also doesn't look flat
  • easy to apply with both fingers and a brush
  • cream texture feels really soft, also when it turns powdery on the skin
  • it lasts all day long
  • pigmentation is great
  • you need to be careful you don't overblush
  • it's limited
After all, I highly recommend this blush! It's great to apply, feels super good on and looks so pretty! I'm in love with it :) Some time soon I'll show you a comparison picture to Essence's Cream Blush from the old Go Snow LE, because that was requested :) I just need to take the pictures ;)
Will you be getting this blush? 
xoxo, Misch


  1. I had the Go Snow blush and liked it, but it was a PITA to apply and had little bristles and stuff on the pan, then the case broke and when we tried to depot it, it liquified so we eventually threw it away.
    I like this new blush, but considering the above, I don't know if it will be history repeating.

    1. yes, same things happened to me to! The lid broke, it looked all disgusting...this the Catrice one none of that happened so far.
      You can always make up your mind at the store when you can try it out :)

  2. The pigmaentation is very good in fact!
    Looking forward to see that comparisson with the Go Snow one :-)
    Did you see my London Shopping? ;-)

    1. sure :)
      yes, I did, and I'm so so jealous! I want all of that stuff, too :D

  3. I've been looking for this LE from Catrice all over the place in Berlin but haven't seen one.
    I've tried karstadt, müller, dm, ihrplatz but couldn't find it :((

    btw,your blog is really nice!

    1. What a pity! You wouls expect a big city like Berlin to have it somewhere, right? But I'm sure you'll find it eventually!

      Thank you :)

  4. Looks very good but for me and my light skin a little bit too ... loud?! I don't really know the English word for this ;)


    1. Sure, I understand what you mean! But my skintone is very pale, too, and when you blend it well, it really works! Just try it out at the store, and then decide :)


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