Sunday, 19 February 2012

Comparison: Catrice FeMALE LE and Essence Go Snow LE Cream To Powder Blush

Hi everyone,
now I finally have the pictures for the requested comparison! Catrice just released this Cream To Powder Blush with their FeMALE LE *click*, and now I have something to compare it to by Essence! Those of you who have been make-up addicts for long enough will remember Essence's Go Snow LE from Winter 2009/2010. They back then also released a Cream To Powder Blush, and now I'll compare these two.
I'm sorry my Essence blush looks this gross, but it's just been sitting in my drawer for quite some time, and the lid broke and everything...:P
When you look at the product itself you can immediately tell that they're not exactly the same. The Essence blush is pinker, more of a true pig-like pink. The Catrice one has this slight brown undertone that makes it look more towards rosewood than pig-pink. It's definitely darker.
On the swatch, the colors look more alike, but they're still not the same.
In terms of consistency, the Catrice one is a little softer and creamier. The Essence blush feels a little sticky.
When you apply it, you can also tell that the Catrice blush blends faster, with the Essence one you have to work a bit.
After all, I highly recommend the Catrice blush, and I prefer it over the Essence one. They are somewhat similar, and you have to know yourself whether you need the Catrice one when you already own the Essence one. But those of you who weren't able to get the Essence one back then, make sure you pick up the Catrice one now :)
Which one do you own? One? Both? None? Tell me!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Thanks for the post! They are not the same but quite similar. And...I bought 2 of the Go Snow one when I found them to 1 €, haha!


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