Saturday, 4 February 2012

Spotted: Catrice Nymphelia LE

Hey guys,
exciting news! I spotted Catrice's new LE, called Nymphelia. It's the one that already introduces new permanent line stuff. So here are my thoughts:
The LE contains 2 baked eyeshadows, 3 lip creams, 1 mascara, 1 eyeliner pen, 1 smokey eyes set, 1 pair of fake lashes, 1 baked blush and 5 nail polishes. You can see all of these products here *click* on Pinkmelon.
The baked eyeshadows will both be part of the permanent line in the next weeks, so I left them at the store to decide some time later. They were glitter but still really pigmented, looked nice.
The lip creams won't be part of the permanent line, they are just available in this LE. I liked the colors, and they looked fun, but knowing me I left them at the store. I barely wear lip products on a daily basis.
The mascara is in a blackened green color, and it definitely sounds interesting, but it's nothing for me. This one won't be part of the permanent line.
The eyeliner pen is another blackened green, and I just don't wear this type of color, so a nay for this one. It'll be permanent.
The smokey eyes set is another product with green tones. It totally works for the LE's theme, but it's just not my color. It'll also be permanent.
As you might know, the fake lashes were also a pass for me. They look fun, but I just wouldn't have any occasion to wear them, unfortunately!
The baked blush...of course I had to get this one! It's so so gorgeous, a peach with champagne and pink little veins. The marble is so so gorgeous, and when you mix the color it's this gorgeous peach shade. Really warm and glowy, with a super fine shimmer. I love it! This on is limited. And I love the name! It's called Unbeleaf'able Blush 01 Dancing Nymph. Isn't that cute?! :D
And last but not least, the polishes. 4 of these will be permanent soon, so I bought the one that won't be. It's called Be Pool, and it's nothing like in the promo pics. In real life it's a blue-leaning green, the kind of teal/turquoise color, with a fine green shimmer. Really special and pretty! On the nail wheel I did 3 coats, we'll see how it'll apply on my nails! I'll have a look at the other polishes when they're permanent :)

After all, a nice idea. I'm totally in love with the two products I got, and a review and a NOTD will follow soon. What do you think of this LE? Anything you got so far? I can't wait to finally see the new permanent line!
See you later,
xoxo, Misch


  1. I really love the colour and the gorgeous pattern of the blush! I have not tried Catrice products yet but I am looking forward to it!
    Thanks so much for swatching and reviewing, darling!
    XOXO from Spain,

    1. it's so pretty, right?! :D
      you really should try their products one day, they're worth it!
      I'm glad you like it :)

  2. I like the blush a lot! But I wonder if it will be visible in my skin tone...

    1. That's true, it could be too light for darker skin tones...


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