Monday, 9 August 2010

A nail polish haul from Italy and a NOTD!

Hi everyone,
as I promised, here is my haul from Italy. It's just a nail polish haul, and the main reason for that is that the only brands I could find that aren't available in Germany, were nail polish brands. I've been in different stores, drugstores, department stores and so on and that's what I found:

Drugstores: Any drugstore or supermarket that sells cosmetics that I visited had the same brands as German stores, such as Maybelline or Rimmel.
Department stores: They had the same brands as most other department stores have, too: Chanel, Clinique, L'oreal and so on.

I bought nothing at both kind of stores, because the places I visited were touristic ones, where the stuf is even more expensive that usually.
But at the camping site where I stayed, they had different Italian brands, and one of them was called Roby Italy. They just had nail polishes by this brand, I don't know if they do other stuff, too. I bought one polish, it's the number 20 and it's a bright green creme, a bit lighter than grass green. I already applied it to my nail wheel and it's really good! Opaque with two coats and really pretty. It looks a bit like Essence's Check Me Out from their color&go line, but the Italian one is a tad darker and the color is richer. It was 2 Euros.

When I went to a touristic town, I found a cosmetics store that was neither a drugstore nor a department store. It sold MaxFactor and different Italian nail polish brands. I just bought three polishes from one brand called Chresy, the others didn't look that interesting to me. All of these colors were 2 Euros, too, and they are all super opaque!
Number 65 is a hot pink with a hint of coral in it, it's not a cool pink, and it dries to a semi-matte finish.
Number 10 is a reddish pink with silver shimmer, and I even applied this to my fingernails! It's almost a one coater, I wear two thin coats, but one thick would do the same job!
Number 72 is a mint, but it looks a bit dirty, as if it has a tiny bit od grey in it, which makes it look a bit darker. It contains tiny glodish shimmer particles and it's really pretty, too!

I love all of the nail polishes I got, and I can't say anything bad about them! If you are in Italy, give them a try!

I know that this doesn't apply to all Italian cosmetic stuff, this is just what I hink about it and what I got to see. It could be completely different in other places in Italy!

Maybe you know something more about Italian cosmetics! Fell free to write that down in the comments!
I hope you liked this haul and I'll see you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch

Disclaimer: I'm not being payed by anyone and nothing was given to me for free.

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