Friday, 30 November 2012

Spotted: Essence Fantasia LE

Hey there!
Today I'd like to talk to you guys about Essence's LE for December, which I spotted yesterday.
The Fantasia LE contains 3 eyeshadows, 2 metallic eyeliners, 2 lipglosses, 1 highlighting powder, 4 nail polishes and so-called eye jewels.You can see promo pics of all products here *click*.
The eyeshadows are all shimmery, and they looked nice. I can't tell you anything about pigmentation, sorry! They're not exactly Christmas shades, but I'd say winter appropriate as they're cool tones.
The eyeliners are normal pencil liners, in metallic shades.
The lipglosses also aren't that Christmas-appropriate, but they look pretty nonetheless. I just don't love lipglosses as much, so I didn't get one.
The highlighting powder is really pretty, even though it's more cool-toned and shimmery than the promo pics suggest. I didn't like it as much anymore in real life, and decided I already own prettier highlighters.
The nail polishes are all somewhat basic, except for one, the one shade I bought. It's called 03 Take A Ride On Pegasus, and it's a red-toned dark rosewood pink with a rather frosty shimmer, but the amazing part is that it's a duo-chrome! It changes from its pinkish silver shimmer to a green one at different angles! I hope this translates as nicely onto the nail, I did my best to capture it here. 2 coats.
Last but not least, the eye jewels. Probably aren't more than rhinestones with a sticky backside, not so much my taste.

After all, this is a nice LE that works very well together, all shades matching and so on. It's just not what I wanted :D You can't always get what you want, so it's okay, whatever. But I bet a lot of people will like this LE!
What do you guys think of it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I found it yesterday. I actually don't like this LE that much, eyeshadow weren't anything special in person, also highligter and lipglosses weren't. I like the color of the polish, you bought, but I hate the shimmer in it, I would rather see it would be creme a shade. I bought purple and coral polish, those were the most interesting to me.

    1. Oh okay, so you also weren't that excited! How do you like the polishes you got?

    2. I'm wearing purple on my nails from yesterday and I like it very much. Although I noticed, it's very similar to Oh My Glitter! They're not dupes, because they have different shimmer, but the base color is very close. Coral one also isn't bad, but I have to admit I though I'm going to like it more. I prefer purple one.

    3. Okay, good to know! But I bet they're both pretty :)

  2. I got this nailpolish too, and its now since monday on my nails. I'm more than stunned, because usually polish doesnt last longer than two days. and its sooo pretty. I needed three coats to get it opaque but it dries fast and without stripes. I'm just in love with this color!
    oh and i got the darker gloss too, its a pretty nice color, but a bit sticky.

    1. How cool, good to hear it's that great :)


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