Monday, 19 November 2012

More December 2012 LE Previews

Hey there!
The day I posted the already launched Essence preview for December 2012 *click*, 2 new previews for Catrice LEs have been released! So I have to show these to you, too!
Catrice will be doing two LEs for December, which is quite unusual as they normally always just do 1 per month.
The first one will be called Siberian Nights, and you can see the promo pics here *click*. It looks very wintery and frosty and stuff, and it's appropriate for the winter season in my opinion! I'm not exactly smitten with all of the products, I guess I have to see them at the store to decide what I like.
The other one Catrice'll be releasing is called NEONaturals, which can be seen here *click*. It consists of only nail polishes,  nude and neon ones. This collection actually reminds me strongly of Essence's Season Of Extremes from last spring. I'm a little disappointed to be honest, the colors look far from being unique, and I want something more appropriate for Christmas! Where are the reds, the golds, everything? Xmas collections are like my favorites, but this is not exactly what I want :P
I guess we'll have to see it at the store :D
What do you think of them?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Those set's look pretty! I wish Catrice was in the US!

    1. It really is a pity that you can't get the stuff everywhere...


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