Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Review: Palmolive Naturals Orange Splash Shower Gel

Hey there!
Today I have a review for you guys, about a shower gel I've been using lately :)

  • Palmolive Naturals Orange Splash Shower Gel
  • with orange and ginseng
  • contains 250 ml
  • costs around 2 Euros
  • was part of a summer LE, but might still be available at some drugstores
  • price
  • scent
  • lathers nicely
  • is very refreshing
  • doesn't moisturize
  • it's limited
After all, this is a nice little shower gel. I like it a lot for refreshing morning showers, the scent really wakes me up :) But I think I need something richer now in the colder months.
What shower gel do you like to use?

xoxo, Misch

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