Thursday, 22 November 2012

Book Review: Richard Castle - Heat Wave

Hey there!
So, some of you might know the TV series Castle. It's one of those crime shows, and it's actually pretty cool, I like stuff like that. In the series, there's this author called Castle, and he writes books during the show. And these books have actually been published, written by that same author Castle, and about the same topics that are mentioned in the TV show. Just for the background information :D
Now, I've just finished the first book out of that series, called Heat Wave, and I'd like to review it today.
The book is built just like an episode from the TV series, beginning with a crime being committed and then our main characters trying to solve it. Sounds kinda boring, but it's just a part of the story! Our main characters are Detective Nikki Heat and author Jameson Rook. There's always a personal part to the story, when our main characters get involved in some crime themselves, and their personal life also always plays an important role.
I don't want to really tell you things about the story line, because that would pretty much give everything away already. Just read the book description on the picture so you at least get a little idea of what it is about.
I really like this type of book, because it's entertaining and a lot of fun, combined with a crime story. It's easy to read, I only tend to mix up some smaller characters due to the high number of them. But it's still a nice pleasure read, and you definitely want to know how it goes on :)
Does anyone of you watch Castle or has read this book?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I watch Castle often and I like it very much. He's so cute and funny!
    I've heard of these books but never read them. I'll may give them a go.

    1. How cool!
      Yeah, I'd recommend you check them out :)


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