Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Spotted: Manhattan Loves RockTopia LE

Hi guys!
Today I want to talk about a LE I found at my local drugstore yesterday, Manhattan Loves RockTopia by Manhattan.
This LE contains 6 colored nail polishes and 2 crackle polishes. Here *click* you can see the promo pics.
Somehow, with the promo pics only 5 polishes appear, but in real life they're 6. Some of the colors are cremes, others shimmers. The colors are all bright, and there are not only the basic shades available. Especially the light yellow-toned green and the warm brown are not the most typical shades for a summer LE. One nail polish retails for 3,50 Euros.
I bought one of them, called 5 Hippie Yeah!. It's a light muted grayed out sea green with a very subtle silver shimmer. To me it looks a little like the sea on a stormy day! Hence the sea green in my color description ;)
I compared it to the shades I have in my collection, and I'd say it's Essence's Mojito Green's lighter and murkier brother. Here *click* you can see Mojito Green on my nails.
The crackle polishes of this LE are the basic silver and black colors. Nothing unique to them, and Manhattan's kinda late with them, since crackle's been out forever now. Oh, well.
I really like the shade Hippie Yeah that I got, and I can't wait to wear it when I'm back from my vacation :)
What do you think of this LE?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I like this green! It'd probably be the only one I'd buy from this collection. :)

  2. Beautiful colour, I am sure you will use it many times :-)


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