Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Book Review: Hide*Out by Andreas Eschbach

Hey there!
Today I want to do a book review! I already introduced the novel Black*Out to you here *click*, and now I want to talk about its sequel, called Hide*Out. It's again written by Andreas Eschbach, a German author.
Please read my first review linked above to get the main ideas behind the book. It has the same topic, but the story goes on, like they normally do in a sequel ;)
Unlike the first book, this one has a lot more characters in it who actually do something. That way there are also more points of view to every part of the story. The whole book is written in a narrative style, but there's no "I" who tells the story. Every chapter has a different acting character. It also doesn't have as many flashbacks as the first book had. I guess all of the important flash-back parts were already done in the first book!
I'm really glad that in this book, nothing of the first was repeated, concerning the actions taking place. I didn't think it would be possible to write so different events taking place in the same context, but it really does work. The places where certain parts take place are really creative and described detailed. That always adds a special part to the story. What I kinda liked, because it is a contrast, was the part where the author combined modern technology with a Native American kind of outback area. These kinds of things that appear all over the book make it seem a little like it's meant to be turned into a movie ;)
Some parts of this book seemed a little weird to me while reading, I'm being honest with this. I hope not to spoil you, btw! There was a little bit of love going on, but not too much, rather in the background. But this "he likes her, no, he likes the other girl more" thing is kind of a little annoying and doesn't make much sense since it's not really explained.
When I was done with about three quarters of the book, nothing special had happened yet, and I was thinking that this couldn't be it. Luckily it wasn't, the last part of the book was really thrilling and interesting!
Computers and technology again played a big role in this book, but on a level most people can understand, luckily ;)
After all, this might not be the best book ever, I'm not utterly smitten, it was still a good read. I think it makes a nice addition to Black*Out, and I definitely want to read the final part of the series when it comes out.
Did anyone of you read this?
xoxo, Misch

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