Thursday, 10 May 2012

NOTD May 10th: Essence Season Of Extremes LE - 03 Pimp My Bright

Hi there!
Today I want to share another polish from Essence's Season Of Extremes LE with you. This one is called 03 Pimp My Bright.
Pimp My Bright is a bright yellow that has slight orange undertones. It's a creme. This yellow is a very happy shade, it reminds me of summer and the sun. It's not really a lemon yellow, more of a sun shade? Dunno, I find it hard to describe different types of yellow.
Application of this one was okay, due to the formula it goes on smoothly. But the problem is that it's so sheer and thin! The first 2 coats were really streaky and sheer, not even at all. With third the coverage was nice and even, but I had extremely visible nail line! The yellow just clings to the white of my make it a little less apparent I did a fourth coat, but I wish I didn't have to...
This is actually quite wearable, it doesn't clash with my skin tone!
This seems to be a very close color to Essence's Sundancer from their Color&Go line which was discontinued some time ago. I might make a comparison in the next few days! Do you want one?
After all, I can't really recommend this polish because of the bad coverage. Essence makes so good polishes, also yellow cremes, like the old Sundancer, but this one's a little disappointing...
What do you think about it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I don't like these colours on my nails. I have a pastel yellow and it is ok in summer time when my skin is darker, otherwise I don't feel confortable wearing it.

    1. with me it's the other way round, I don't really like to wear pastel yellows!

  2. Hi Misch!
    I agree with you. I applied three coats, but still see my nails under it,a very poor coverage I think. Anyway, it doesn't go well with my skin color, maybe being tanner. Don't know if the rest of the collection has similar coverage, it would be a pitty, cause the colors are really cool!!

    1. It's good to know that you had the same experiences with it!
      Unfortuntely I don't know how the other colors are in terms of coverage, sorry!


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