Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Spotted: Buffalo for Manhattan LE

Hey everyone!
Just lately Manhattan launched a nail polish LE, which is a team-up with Buffalo, the shoe brand. 
Here *click* you can see the promo pics. It contains 20 bright nail polishes, and most of them are bright fun colors! When I first had a look at it I was about to buy more than half of the polishes, but I told myself to be reasonable. So instead I got these 5:

01 Over The Wedge
Over The Wedge is a nude creme, neither warm nor cold toned, it's perfectly neutral. It looks very close to Manhattan's 93E from their very first M&Buffalo Collection, and since that one is great, I decided to get this one. You can never have enough good nudes! And, it's great. Perfect coverage with 2 coats, that's also what my swatch is. It's great!

04 Asphalt Cowboy
Asphalt Cowboy is a light blue-toned gray, another creme. Coverage is great, it's an easy two-coater. The color might not the that unusual, but it's great nonetheless.

07 Off The Socks
Off The Socks is a bright orange creme. It's not quite as neon as China Glaze Japanese Koi Neon, but it's still bright. It's another twocoater, so great! And it totally satisfies my craving for OPI's A Roll In The Dark.

11 Sweet Ballerina
Sweet Ballerina is a very light white-toned baby pink with a slight silver shimmer. It's very cool-toned and light, and it also only needed 2 coats! That's so cool! An opaque baby pink!

17 Rise Of The Fun
Rise Of The Fun is a sunshine yellow. It's just a pure happy shade of yellow, not leaning orange or green. It's a creme, and it's again opaque with 2 coats. That's really not common with yellows, so cool!

After all, these polishes are great! They're so good quality, I really recommend them and can't wait to wear them! They retail for 3 Euros, but check your local drugstore, I bought mine for 2,25 Euros!
Did you already get some of them?
xoxo, Misch


  1. i like the orange and rosa ones :)..

    1. Maybe you'll get the chance to buy them :)

  2. Over the wedge and sweet ballerina are really nice. They are really cheap too.

  3. I haven't seen them in my store but I will keep an eye on the first two and light pink color
    Brights aren't 'my' thing


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